What are LSI Keywords and their Importance in SEO?


LSI Keywords

LSI keywords (Latent Schematic Indexing) are related to SEO, similar or synonyms words. Before the LSI Keywords, the only way to determine a relevancy of article was keyword density. Which means if your post is about “Landing pages” and you have used it 10 times throughout the article then your competitor needs to use it 11 times to beat your position in Google SERPs, but here is a question, Is it fair??

Here what the search engine do? Instead of taking high keyword density into consideration, search engine bot looks for related keywords (LSI keywords) throughout the article. It does not mean that we should not maintain keyword density for target keyword in our article, but over optimization can cause issues. usually, keep it between 1 – 3 %.

For example, Search Engine discovers a page with a word ” Apple” in it how search engine differentiates whether the Apple is a fruit, Apple is a brand. Here search engine uses Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, if there are words like fruit, taste, flavor in the article then it would be easy for search engine to determine that the article is all about the “Apple fruit”. Therefore from this example fruit, taste, and flavor can be termed as LSI keywords for keyword “Apple”.

LSI Keywords

Major Search engines like Google always look for a relevant content for a particular search query. Nowadays it is really a tough task for a search engine to determine what the content is all about, it uses LSI terms to judge the relevancy of an article. For now, we can say that using them increases the ranking in search engine but the actual process is more complex and difficult to comprehend.

If a particular content is about “off Page SEO” so following keywords can be found in the content. You can also call them as LSI keywords for main keywords off page SEO

1. Off-page SEO
2. Off-page techniques
3. Off-page optimization
4. Off-page activities
5. off-page optimization techniques

Why Do We Need LSI Keywords?
Google is mainly focusing on the context of content since the 2013 Hummingbird & 2015 RankBrain update, there is no doubt that LSI keywords are gathering more and more eyeballs in the inbound marketing & SEO world. This year, LSI will be one of the key SEO focuses and content marketing influencers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean also emphasized the same in their publications, stating that LSI keywords are “necessary for SEO in 2018”. Here are some points why we actually need LSI keywords –
1. By using these keywords Google can understand your content better.
2. Improves traffic quality by attracting high relevant users.
3. They overcome writer’s by avoiding repetitive keywords
4. Differentiate your quality pages from black hat practitioners.

How to Find LSI Keywords?

Here are some tools to find LSI keywords

1. Google Search Engine
It is the best and free to find LSI keywords in the Google search when you search for any keyword, it automatically fetches and shows the related keywords to that keyword.

LSI Keywords of off page

You can also view at the bottom of the same page.

LSI keywords in SERPs2. Google Keyword Planner tool.
Google Keyword Planner is one of the best sources to find LSI keywords, in this you can get LSI keywords along with competition and CPC.

LSI keywords in keyword planner

3. LSI Graph
This tool looks to be a good tool, Here you can get the related keyword or keyword phrases and within few seconds

4. WordPress Plugin.
SEOpressor: This is one of the best SEO plugins and it provides the feature of fetching the LSI keywords.It also provides the most relevant keywords using bing API and it gives you over optimization warning when you overuse these words in an article or page.

How and Where should you use LSI keywords?
LSI keywords became one of the Google ranking factors because it looks much more natural to use related keywords instead of repeating the same keyword over and over again.
Repeating the same keyword over and over on your page in order to rank well does not work like it works before. It can actually get you in trouble these days because it looks spammy.

Using LSI keywords for on-page SEO is quite simple.
Place the LSI keywords in –
i) In Title, heading, content, and highlighted words
ii) Can be used as anchor text while interlinking to a particular post or page.
iii) Can be used as external links.

In Off-page SEO
i) Use LSI keywords in blog commenting on the same niche.
ii) While link building, use Latent Semantic Indexing keywords as well as your target keyword in anchor text.

Now it’s Over to you go find them and use carefully, never overdo anything on an overnight write quality content, by the end of the day you will automatically have good results on Google.