What are hCards? and How they are helpful in Local SEO?

What is an hcard?
If you would like to show the contact details of an organization or an individual, you can use a special set of HTML, RSS or XML class attributes defined in microformats known as the H cards. It provides set of values for the class action and it is used to explain contact information such as names, telephone, address, email address etc.


Now let’s learn about what are the microformats that Hcard uses. There are many kinds of microformats, which are designed to provide ways to make information better to understand with the aim of making machine-readable.

In May 2009, Google announced that they would analyze the hcard, hreview (microformat for publishing reviews of books, music, films etc) and hproducts (microformat for publishing details products) microformats, and using them to populate in search engine result pages. Later on, in September 2010 Google announced their intention to surface hcard, hreview information in their local search results. Facebook also started using hcards from Febraury 2011 to mark up Event venues.

Live example of hcard.

Here are the DMHub contact details as of Febraury 2018, as a live hcard

Digital Marketing Training Hub
#402, 5th Floor, Swastik Plaza,
Above Himalaya Book World, SR Nagar Main Road,
Hyderabad, Telangana, – 500038.
Phone: 040 4851 2511
Email: info@dmhub.in

For clarity, the markup used is:

<div class=”vcard”>
<div class=”fn org”>Digital Marketing Training Hub</div>
<div class=”adr”>
<div class=”street-address”>5th floor, Swastik Plaza, Above Himalaya book world</div>
<div> <span class=”locality”>SR Nagar Main Road</span>, <abbr class=”region” title=”Hyderabad, Telangana”>CA</abbr> <span class=”postal-code”>500038</span></div>
<div>Phone: <span class=”tel”>040-4851 2511</span></div>
<div>Email: <span class=”email”>info@dmhub.in</span></div>
<div class=”tel”>
From the above, the microformats are not visible to the person rading the page. The hcards are purely for the search engines and browsers. The only difference is the spaces from the div elements.
Note that this is an hcard of a company, not a person.

Uses of hcard
1. Using hcards search engines are told what kind of information each element contains and can tell the difference between the street and a state.
2. hcards make this information available for download, there are few extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox that can export the data into an address book format.

Uses of hcard in Local SEO
If you have a small business in your local area, and you are trying to rank well in local traffic, hcard can help…
This is one of the way to that you can help your local SEO, is to make sure that you put your address on as many pages as you can, such as the footer. hcard also allows Google to have the information to figure out where you are.
hcard is like handing a business card of your company. By this Google knows where to look and this helps in local SEO.

An article from SE Journal explained that the more places you have your address, the more chances you have of getting into the map section on your search engine.