Frequently Asked Questions

We at, take maximum care in addressing each student's queries.

General Questions

What is the Course Duration?

Usually, it takes 45 working days to complete entire Digital Marketing Course.

How many hours per day does it take to complete a session?

The session varies from 1-2hrs depending on the topic we cover on that particular day.

Will it Include any practicals?

We believe in 100% practical oriented training. The trainer will explain each topic showing live examples and on live project.

Do you provide Placement Assistance?

Yes, we provide 100% Assistance.

Do you provide Internships?

DMHub is a complete Digital Marketing Company where we handle Training, Placements, and Consulting. As part of our consulting business, we deal with many clients who needs digital marketing services. We may use trained candidates as interns with clients permission to handle their services. Based on the Client, candidates may or may not get any stipend during their Internship.

What is the idle batch size?

As we teach all Digital Marketing Concepts on live project, it will be tough for the trainer to handle too many students. For that sake, we limit the batch size to 5-7 members only.

Do You provide 100% Placement Guarantee?

we provide 100% placement Guarantee only for selective students. We usually call this as “Train and Hire Program”. For more details about this program, please visit our office.

Digital Marketing Career

Who is eligible to learn Digital Marketing?

Any Graduate with minimum command over English (Both Oral & Written) is eligible to learn Digital Marketing.

Can one expect a good career in the near future?

These days everything is going online. From the Consumers perspective, these days everyone is spending most of their time online than other tradition mediums like – TV, Radio, News Papers etc. From the businesses perspective, Whether it is a small or big, new or existing business, every company is looking at online to promote their product/service online as users are spending most of their time online. Thus one can expect a very good career in Digital Marketing.

What kind of professions can we opt for after learning Digital Marketing?

After learning Digital Marketing, depending on individuals strengths and weaknesses one can opt for Entrepreneurship, Jobs, Freelancing etc.

Refund Policy

Do you refund fees if student doesn’t like the course or teaching process?

We offer 100% fee refund if any student doesnt like our teaching within first 3 days. After 3rd day we dont offer any kind of fee refunds. Usually the refund process takes 7 to 10 working days.