What is EdgeRank Algorithm and How Actually it Works

Have you heard about latest Facebook Edge Algorithm?

EdgeRank Algorithm

If you are a professional marketer pay attention to and make it understand how it works?

It is called “EdgeRank Algorithm“. It is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine where and what posts to appear on the individual users News Feeds – Especially considering that Facebook users spend up to 40% of their time in the news feed.

How Actually EdgeRank  Algorithm works?
Edge Rank is made of three parts called Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay. Here is what they mean if you are managing a Facebook page.

Affinity measures the relationship between the viewing user and the creator of the story. It means that the amount a user had with your page in the past affects how likely they are to see your posts. So if they have clicked your links, liked or commented on your post, Edge Rank assumes they are pretty keen to see more of your posts and gives it higher priority in that user’s feed.

Weight is how much the Edge Rank gives to your post, that means based on posts type. Facebook has a hierarchy of post types, different types of posts carry different weights. The higher the weight, the higher will be the score. In order Facebook ranks
1. Live videos
2. Videos
3. GIF
4. Photos/ Images
5. Plain Text Updates
6. Links
Weight doesn’t end there, though. Interactions with the users can also affect this. For example, comments are more weighty than likes, but both affect the overall weight of the post. That means a text-based status update with 50 likes and 10 comments will be more likely show up in the newsfeed than a photo with no engagements at all.
TIP: To reach more fans use these new features accordingly.

Time Decay means How old is the post? As post ages, it continually loses value. This way users newsfeed always remains fresh with recent news. Facebook also included News Feed algorithm update something called “Story Bumping“. This is how it works – if a story is relevant to the user, it will be bumped to the top of their timeline, regardless of its time decay. So the post should be relevant to the user is really the most important aspect of your content.

EdgeRank always checks four major things every time you post.
1. User’s past interactions with the Author.
2. User’s past interaction with the post type (i.e Videos, Images, etc)
3. Reactions from the other users for that particular post.
4. Amount of negative feedbacks or complaints on the post.

How to get into the News Feed and improve your Page’s Edge Rank?
Here are the great points that come back to the Facebook Marketing. These points should help you get valuable content into the user newsfeed where they can interact with:

1. Post Daily (Especially on Weekdays)
The time decay is a part of Edge Rank is based on how long it is been since you posted it. So posting the new content on regular bases is the good way to ensure your posts replace the older posts as they slip off from the news feed. Posting frequently is the only way to consistently reach the users.

2. Be Visual. (Post videos, images)
If you want your users to interact with your post, posting videos, photos, and photo albums get 120% more engagements respectively. In fact, the Video-based post actually gets 40% more engagements than any other post types. Photos links also work well but they come under second priority.

3. Encourage Users Engagements.
Questions, contest, and polling statements gain more engagements than other types of posts. By using these, try to boost engagements with your fans and increase your affinity score with them. By this, it will give your future posts a higher chance of reaching their news feeds.

4. Be Relevant.
Post related to your brands, which performs the best. Surprisingly, one bad post can harm you more than you think. The number of complaints and negative feedbacks for your post has an effect on how they are to hit the news feed. Keep checking for anything that could be seen as spam or against Facebook guideline’s so that you can avoid negative feedback.

5. Be Timely.
Test out different times and find the best times for your Audiences and stick with the timings.

To increase your post reach to your Facebook audience, Make sure you follow this Algorithm.

And now it’s over to you.

Image Credits: Google