What are hCards? and How they are helpful in Local SEO?

What is an hcard?
If you would like to show the contact details of an organization or an individual, you can use a special set of HTML, RSS or XML class attributes defined in microformats known as the H cards. It provides set of values for the class action and it is used to explain contact information such as names, telephone, address, email address etc.

Now let’s learn about what are the microformats that Hcard uses. There are many kinds of microformats, which are designed to provide ways to make information better to understand with the aim of […] Read more

6 Steps to Get Started with a Lead Nurturing Strategy.

Lead Nurturing is a process of engaging with a targeted group by providing relevant information at every stage of the buyer’s journey. It helps your buyer get to know your business. Lead nurturing is like dating period where two people get to know each other before getting married. It mainly enables you to educate, inform and build trust with your leads.

Importance of lead nurturing strategy.
Creating and maintaining the relationship is very important in this modern era. Lead nurturing helps you to be at present channels where your buyers are present, engage with them and increase the chance to start a […] Read more

What is a Landing Page and Importance of Landing page?

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a webpage that allows you to capture the audience/user information through a lead form. Generally, a landing page is meant as ‘landing page’ i.e, any page where the audience land when they first reach your website.
Landing pages are mainly used for Lead generation. The main aim of the landing page is to convert site audience into leads or sales. If sales are required, the landing page will generally have a link for the audience to click, which will be directed to a shopping cart or final checkout area. If the aim is […] Read more

7 Best Ways to Improve Organic Reach On Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for driving traffic and conversion to any site. But for getting good results it is the biggest platform for the Social Media Marketing. By following right tactics of social media marketing, you can drive more organic social traffic, but the most important element is an organic reach. If the content is not good then you are losing the chance to connect with the potential customers.
In this, we will learn the ways to improve organic reach on Facebook.

1. Post Quality Content
Post the content which is Latest, trendy and quality. If the content is latest then it will […] Read more